Liubov Kuptsova

I will periodically transfer part of the profits from the sale of my paintings to this fund:

The Russian Charitable Foundation “Roizman Foundation” is a response to a request for assistance to the needy, on the one hand, and an attempt to consolidate the efforts of people who are ready to provide this assistance, on the other.

Fund objectives
We provide ongoing assistance to the palliative care unit of the MBU "Central City Hospital №2" - the hospice, which opened in Yekaterinburg, Russia. This is the first such institution in the city, and the Foundation began to support it even several months before the official opening. The provision of high-quality palliative care is evidence of the high moral level of the society in which this service is provided.

We support palliative care for young patients. Children are mostly at home. This assistance, as a rule, is urgent, it requires prompt provision of patients with rehabilitation equipment.

We provide free legal assistance to people in difficult life situations.

We support educational and social projects, we participate in targeted assistance to people in difficult life situations. The Foundation brings together those who need help with those who are ready to provide it. Do not stay away.
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